How to Build a Shed – Part 3 – Build Your Own Shed

Part 1 – Planning is here. Part 2 – Materials here.

Now that you have your plans and all the materials you need in place it is time to get your hands dirty. Well at least you should have the most important materials by now. Maybe you want to uy the other stuff a little later…

Start with the Foundation

Depending on the type of construction you would either start by pouring a little concrete foundation or get to work on the wood right away.

The foundation doesn’t have to be poured concrete. The key is that the foundation is a level surface that keeps the wood frame dry. Meaning that there are no areas on the ground where water can collect and soak your wood. That would cause it to rot.

Also, if you are in an area where you have termites, do to bury any wood. If you have to put wood pillars in the ground wrap them in durable plastic or treat them with resin or tar. Maybe even a combination of both. Termites can travel quite far in underground tunnels and they will get inside the wood without you noticing it. When you find out it might already be too late.

If you pour little concrete “shoes” for the pillars to sit in make sure that your wood is dry enough. Wet wood will contract and might break free of your concrete. Having some nails sticking out of the pillars in the area where the concrete goes helps to prevent the wood from moving.

Another option is to use concrete blocks embedded into the ground for each of the load bearing points of the frame. These blocks would be bedded on a mortar mix and levelled against each other.

Walls and Roof

For handling larger parts like roof beams for example get the help of a friend. While doing stuff yourself is cool it is even more fun with a buddy or two.

Pretty all the avice you need can be obtained either by asking people or by doing a search on the internet. Covering every single construction style is way beyond the scope of this HowTo. If you have specific questions on how to do things or what the best practices are do not hesitate to ask me using the comment function below. Like I said earlier, there is a lot of stuff to know but everything can be learned. No rocket science here.

This last stage is complex and challenging. I know this post hasn’t really delivered. So I’ve added a useful YouTube video which goes into more detail.

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