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5 Great Outdoor Entertaining Projects

Electronics suited to outdoor applications can enhance your outdoor landscape with music, video and light art for both surface and water features. They can transform your home’s outdoor environment so that it becomes an enticing magnet for indoor dwellers, whether you’re having a family gathering, celebration, or a neighborhood block party.

Lighting the Yard with Solar Powered LEDs

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Solar powered LED lighting is freestanding, self-powered, consumes little energy and is extremely ecological. With the right creative touch, it is often times enchanting and magical too. This type of lighting comes in many styles to suit your individual tastes. Some examples are: a transparent hummingbird, or a butterfly and a dragonfly that constantly cycles from red to green to blue once dusk falls. Each light has a solar panel that charges the battery during the day. The lighting is self-activated at dusk. These solar lights are self-contained and don’t require any connection to a power supply. Any sunny location (during the daytime) is a valid candidate for placement.

Outdoor Home Audio

You may feel you have a perfect outdoor space, but have you considered adding the dimension of music? Harness an outdoor wireless speaker and dock within 150 feet of your iPhone, iPad, MP3 player or home audio system. Make sure to choose a wireless weather resistant design suitable for indoor or outdoor use. When the dock is connected to your music source, wireless music is transmitted to the speakers. Enjoy the same interference-free, strong, omnidirectional music outdoors that you would enjoy indoors, and give your outdoor environment the musical dimension you have been missing.

Outdoor Video

Sitting area on the back porch

Throughout the days of film and video productions, viewers have clustered indoors to enjoy video events. Now, through the creation of Outdoor TVs designed to operate in an extended temperature range, family and friends can enjoy the outdoors at the same time as video viewing. With this possibility, people can gather around the fire pit, roast marshmallows and view a movie or sporting event. Everything takes on an element of heightened enjoyment. Swimming is another outdoor venue for video viewing. You can do some laps while watching a dance video or taking in some magnificent scenery.

Outdoor Art Work

Outdoor art can completely change the look and feel of your landscaping. Many outdoor compositions have been produced with natural elements such as the sun, or weather and the seasons. Others incorporate light, water, and wind. A sculptural work, holographic or otherwise can become a focal point for your outdoor space. Original artwork is not always expensive and even mass produced art can be striking when placed in the right environment. Structural steel works can be displayed as is or embellished with holographic rope lighting.

A sculptural element conceived of cooperatively can have special meaning and more deeply personalize your outdoor space.

Electronic Underwater Light Show

Image: courtesy of Game-Group

For outdoor entertainment or outdoor party purposes, a festive atmosphere is essential. Enlist your pool in creating the best mood with electronic underwater light show equipment. It projects colored lights onto the bottom and sides of your pool, ultimately creating a dramatic light show of multi-optioned colors and patterns. LEDs and battery components are included. To conserve energy, the lighting will usually shut off after a certain period of time. With electronics, it’s possible to add new dimensions of sight, sound and activity to outdoor areas and extend their use.

People typically cluster indoors, interacting with digital devices, while being cut off from the beautiful natural world which surrounds them. With today’s robust outdoor electronic products, people can enjoy outdoor spaces without feeling deprived of these conveniences.

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