Backyard Bliss: Turning Landscape Passion into Profit

So you’ve completed your dream yard. A gazebo that looks like a king could have tea in it, and an outdoor grill unrivaled by Wolfgang Puck himself, not to mention the Eden-esque foliage arrays you designed and maintain yourself. You could turn that accomplishment into a lucrative business.

You can set your own hours and deal with exactly as much bureaucratic red tape as you feel like. Starting your own outdoor landscaping business sounds pretty nice to most of us yard fiends, and getting one up and rolling is only a matter of time, effort and learning the industry.

Get to Know the Industry

According to, there are over 10,000 individually owned lawn care and landscaping companies operating in the U.S., ranging from one man operations to large contracting companies. This means two things: it’s a flourishing industry and you’ll have competition.

Those whose businesses blossom into cash cows are the ones who take the time to know the ins and outs of every aspect of the business, from the best time to buy daffodils to how much profit their overall sector is projected to make in the next year. PLANET estimates landscaping services generate 704,000 jobs and $35.6 million dollars in services alone.

Get a Leg Up on Equipment

Landscaping equipment is (obviously) an essential cornerstone of building your own landscaping company, and it doesn’t always come cheap. The cost and overhead of maintaining all the equipment you’ll need to help your company set sail doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg though. You can find used forklifts, riding mowers and even garden tools on auction sites across the web, which will save you thousands on essential machinery. For those larger-than-life tasks, you can rent about any type of building/landscaping machinery you’ll need for the project at your local construction emporium. You can also use the rental costs plus estimated labor costs to help you put together your pricing plans for the project.

Build Your Branding Strategy

Jonathan Pototschnik, from, instructs would-be landscaping titans that marketing is one of the most important parts of starting your business. Building a marketing and branding strategy can make the difference between floundering into oblivion and and ruling your industry. If you’re just starting out and have a limited budget, don’t let that hinder your marketing and networking efforts. You can make $1,000 go a long way with crafty planning, and it doesn’t cost a thing to spend some time spreading the word on social media outlets and frequenting landscaping shows and events in your community. Building a brand is just as essential as having the perfect tools of the trade.

Although every small business has it’s hills and valleys, starting your own landscaping venture might just be the perfect way for you to break the corporate shackles that have been holding you hostage.

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